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Construction Project Management
Leveraging Basic Office Tools

Word, Excel, PDF, Email,
Sledgehammer Reminder Sequence


PROVEN STRATEGIES and TACTICS for getting everyone focused on the same red apple.

  1. Defining (Word, Excel)
  2. Presenting (PDF)
  3. Tracking (Excel, Word) projects.
  4. Facilitating (Email, PDF, Sledgehammer Reminder Sequence)

Discover How To Easily:

  • Create Project Scope Documents in Word and Excel for estimating.
  • Present Contracts, Schedules, and other Collateral in PDF format with ease.
  • Track every deliverable from the contracts in Project Task Trackers made in Excel.
  • Align Deliverables to Payment Milestones from the contract to submit invoices.
  • Create Assumptions and Risks that are tied to the Client’s responsibilities to be listed in the contracts by legal professionals.
  • Reminder sequence: Lightly remind. Direct reminder. Sledgehammer Reminder.

This is not contract writing.

This is creating the deliverable statements with properly associated risks and assumptions to be added into contracts for legal review.

Well-stated deliverables can give leverage to drop a reminder sledgehammer when clients have not carried out their responsibilities in the timely manner as defined, discussed, and agreed upon. Or when they may try to point out some detail they believe is something you have not completed to their satisfaction and or are stepping outside of the defined deliverables… again.

Consistent clarity with definitions and expectations virtually eliminates the need to drop into a sledgehammer reminder sequence.

I believe every builder knows having a proven sledgehammer is good. When you need it there is no other tool like it.

Track Milestones that connect Deliverables to Schedules with a Task tracker in Excel with an easy no-fuss task archive.

IF/WHEN on occasion projects turn south, because you have created clean lines for breaking up, you can be sure you are owed/due payment for the completed milestones.

With milestones steps reached, the money is delivered, and the project is another step closer to the next 5-star review.


Course Overview:

This comprehensive 2-hour online course is designed to equip construction professionals with the essential skills needed to effectively manage construction projects using basic online office tools. From defining project scopes to tracking deliverables and communicating effectively with clients, participants will gain practical knowledge and strategies to streamline project management processes and enhance project success.

Course Structure:

  1. Defining (Word, Excel)
    1. Introduction to Project Scope Documents
    2. Creating Project Scope Documents in Microsoft Word
    3. Utilizing Microsoft Excel for Estimating and Budgeting
    4. Establishing Assumptions and Risks in Project Documents
  2. Presenting (PDF)
    1. Importance of Presenting Contracts and Schedules
    2. Creating Professional Collateral in PDF Format
    3. Tips for Effective Contract Presentation
  3. Tracking (Excel, Word)
    1. Introduction to Project Tracking
    2. Developing Project Task Trackers in Microsoft Excel
    3. Utilizing Microsoft Word for Document Tracking and Management
    4. Aligning Deliverables with Payment Milestones
  4. Facilitating (Email, PDF, Sledgehammer Reminder Sequence)
    1. Effective Communication Strategies
    2. Leveraging Email for Project Communication
    3. Understanding the Sledgehammer Reminder Sequence
    4. Maintaining Clarity and Consistency in Expectations
    5. Managing Milestones and Deliverables for Payment Assurance

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Create comprehensive project scope documents using Microsoft Word and Excel for accurate estimating.
  • Produce professional contracts, schedules, and collateral in PDF format for effective presentation.
  • Track project deliverables and milestones using Excel and Word, ensuring clarity and consistency.
  • Utilize email communication and the sledgehammer reminder sequence to facilitate project management effectively.
  • Align deliverables with payment milestones and manage project finances efficiently.

Key Takeaways:

  • Practical skills in creating project scope documents, contracts, and schedules using basic online office tools.
  • Enhanced ability to track project deliverables and milestones for improved project management.
  • Effective communication strategies for facilitating client interactions and managing project expectations.
  • Strategies for maintaining clarity, consistency, and accountability throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Confidence in utilizing basic online office tools to streamline project management processes and enhance project success.


This course provides participants with the essential knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage construction projects using basic online office tools. By mastering the concepts of defining, presenting, tracking, and facilitating, participants will be well-equipped to navigate the complexities of construction project management with confidence and efficiency.

Document Planning

You will be able to create clarity with deliverable statements that define what is to be delivered, built or rendered to a client.

Spreadsheet Estimating

You will learn to use spreadsheets for planning deliverable milestones and associated payment schedules.

Email Communication

You will use Email communication sequences to manage construction projects with clarity and authority.

Sledgehammer Reminder Sequence

Consistent clarity with definitions and expectations virtually eliminates the need to drop into a sledgehammer reminder sequence.

Would you agree that professional Builders know having a proven sledgehammer is essential… WHEN YOU NEED IT THERE IS NO OTHER TOOL LIKE IT.

  • Create Project Scope Documents
  • Present Contracts, Schedules
  • Payments tied to deliverables
  • Track every deliverable
  • Align Deliverables to Payment
  • Create Assumptions and Risks
  • Sledgehammer Reminder Sequence

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Construction Project Management


Construction Project Mangement

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